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  Flue Gas Analysis in a Cement Plant
  • A cement kiln is a cylindrical furnace. From one side of the kiln, pieces of lime stone enter this furnace, and a hot flame is at the other end. The inside temperature is around 1200 deg C. At this high temperature, the limestone is heated, and it breaks into calcium oxide, and carbon dioxide.
    CaCO3 ------ > CaO + CO2.
    This process is known as calcination. From the CO2 content, the efficiency of calcination is known to the operator. Also they can judge on the final cement quality. Hence it is very important to measure the CO2 at the Cement Kiln.
  • In the pre-heater, the ball mill, and the raw mill, air ingress from outside, will increase the false air, and thus reducing the heat available. This air enters inside because of negative pressure, and because there are cracks or openings in the stack. Inside the stack, the heat produced can’t be effectively used in the process because of false air. So it is very important to measure this false air in all above locations.
  • In a ball mill and raw mill, O2 & CO is also checked for effective or complete combustion. Improper combustion will increase CO content.
  • In a Cement Kiln – measuring CO2 directly using an IR (infra red) sensor.
  • At the pre-heater, ball mill and raw mill – O2 content is checked to monitor the change in false air, due to air ingress.
  • Combustion in ball mill and raw mill – O2, CO, CO2 measured to check effective and complete combustion.
  • The testo solution for the above cement applications is a testo 350 with O2, CO, and a CO2 IR sensor. It is recommended to use a Peltier Chiller, and a fresh air valve. This will help long term measurements, and also take care of moisture that may be present in stack gas.
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Plot No.: 23, Sind Society, Baner Road, Aundh,
Pune - 411007, Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: +91 20 65600 203    Fax.: +91 20 25850 080